What a day of fishing!

What a day!
Since we had almost ”around the world” guests today, this report is in English.
On today’s trip we aimed for cod, mackrell and flounders.
The cods were very willingly biting and we actually had to leave our cod-spots not to catch to much according to quote regulations. Nevertheless, we had some good sport of fishing with many c&r.
We also caught a bunch of nice mackerels and minor pollocks and garfish joined the feast too.
At the end of the fishingtrip we went for flounders. Also they were in hunting mode and our hooks baited with sandshrimps (sandräkor) were eagerly attacked by wellsized flounders of various kinds. I think mr J had 15 flounders up on the first 15 drops. All in all, we had a great fishingday. Catching a LOT of fish and in total 8 different species. Well done everybody, hope to see you onboard soon again!🎣🎣🎣
BTW except for the photos below, also enjoy the video on Facebook😊

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